SaniPro NSB Provides Custom Disinfection Solutions for:

The Hotel & Hospitality Industry    Short Term Vacation Rentals
Event Venues & Shared Meeting Space    Community Education Programs
Arts & Entertainment Programs    Dental Offices  Restaurants & Drinking Establishments
Fitness Centers    Personal Care Providers  •  Churches    Veterinary Clinics
And Many more…

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Imagine having the precise technology, disinfecting products, equipment and training to
confidently empower your staff and invite your customers back.

We have what you need and are eager to guide you!

Disinfection Solutions Include:


Surface Disinfection Protocols, Product and Service using Annihilare ® Hypochlorous Acid – A Hospital Grade, Green Seal™ Certified Broad Spectrum Disinfectant with 99.9999% of Pathogens Eradicate. 

1. Annihilare® On Site Generator for Continuous Production of Your
Disinfection Products

 • Producing 15 Gallons of 500 ppm Hypochlorous Acid Every Hour
 • 4 Levels of Dilution Available to Supply Your Own Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Degreaser,
   Glass & Window Cleaner, Odor Eliminator

2. Annihilare® Disinfectant Products Delivered to Your Business 
3. Done for You Surface & Air Disinfection Services



Sam 400 Air Disinfection Equipment, using the combined solution of HEPA Filtration, UV-C Technology & Carbon Filtration

• Achieve 99.99995% Reduction of Viral Germs
• Portable and Continuous Disinfection with Your Choice of Purchase or Short-Term Rental Options






Onsite Near Frequency Communication Tags for Internal Oversight, Tracking & Reporting to ensure Staff Compliance and Performance Plans


This powerful and easy to use reporting engine gives you all you need to lead the way back from, and beyond, pre-pandemic performance

  • Customize Your Cleaning & Disinfectant Protocols
  • Monitor Task Completion, Staff Time, Use of Equipment, Inventory
  • Upload Before & After Photographs
  • Generate Quality Improvement Plans & Track Progress
  • Generate Work Orders with Due Dates and Task Details
  • Onsite, Application Based Customer Facing QR Code Readers that Demonstrate Your Commitment to Your Customer

Proudly Share the Disinfection Protocols You Have Implemented & the “Live Date & Time Stamps” to Gain Their Confidence

  • Optional Customer Feedback Module:
    • Receive Notification of Customer Concerns in Real Time
    • Live Customer Communication via Text to Resolve any Risk of Dissatisfaction
    • Convert Concerns into Work Orders & Track the Resolution
By proactively sharing your cleaning and disinfecting protocols, each customer can decide for themselves
if it is time to take a step back into what made life happy for them.

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Business people sitting at a conference table having a meeting

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Imagine watching them relax and share their experience with their friends, family and colleagues. 
 Imagine how they will thank you. 
 Imagine how they will share their experience with others.

"Disinfecting the World One Business at a Time"

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