Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we choose to partner with Annihilare®?
Annihilare® creates healthy environments for all people because they are not a chemical company.  They are a solution to infection control, with a sustainable footprint in mind.  We wanted to be a part of their solution.
Why did we choose to partner with ScientificAirManagement ®?
ScientificAirManagement® made a promise to apply the same medical standards to other arenas, such as food service, the airline industry, fire and rescue vehicles, agriculture and other areas where air quality impacts quality of life.  We wanted to make the same promise.
How long has Hypochlorous acid been around?
Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) has been around since humans have been around.  In fact, our white blood cells use HOCl to fight infection in the process known as phagocytosis.
How does Annihilyte® (the SaniPro NSB Disinfectant) compare to chlorine bleach?
Chlorine bleach uses a chlorine-based killing agent, just like Hypochlorous acid.  However, bleach is in the form of sodium-hypochlorite, resulting in much more concentration of chlorine and a higher pH range of 12 – 13.  Our hypochlorous acid solution is at Ph range of 6.5 – 7.1, which is in the same range as water and milk.  Because of this benign pH level, germs happily invite our solution in and the Hypochlorous Acid completely destroys the germs and prevents resistance.  
How does Catholyte FREE (SaniPro NSB’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner) compare to other cleaner/degreasers?
Catholyte FREE’s active ingredient is Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) and is the natural by-product of the hypochlorous process.  Most cleaners or degreasers add soaps in their products.  The residues left behind only lead to a food source for more germs to come back.  Catholyte FREE is a “self surfactant” by turning the dirt and oil into soap – leaving no residue behind.  The technical term is called “Saponification”.

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