The owners of SaniPro NSB, Melissa Tyo and Jodi Hinkle are committed to helping business, hotel and vacation rental property owners navigate the “Opening America” guidelines and begin their economic recovery.
Using leading edge disinfection products, technology, equipment and software, SaniPro NSB identifies a custom plan for each client to achieve four primary objectives:


Identify a daily process that supports accurate disinfecting guidelines without harming our environment with hazardous chemicals.


Provide the most effective, economical and efficient disinfection plan possible.


Outline the benefits of continuous air disinfection and surface disinfection solutions for each unique business.


Provide Room Specific Technology to Share Disinfection Protocols and Completion Stamps with Customers.


Melissa Tyo

Melissa Tyo, Co-Founder and President of SaniPro NSB has dedicated 30 years to developing her expertise in environmental services contract management. As a former National Patient Experience Consultant, Melissa has led the way to customer satisfaction in both the hospital setting and private medical practice. With the added value of consulting in healthcare revenue systems, she advocates for business owners by identifying the most efficient and economical solutions.


Jodi Hinkle

Jodi Hinkle, Co-Founder and CEO of SaniPro NSB, is a seasoned Business Development Strategist who has finely tuned her ability to assess, develop and design collaborative business solutions. Jodi’s 20+ years in corporate healthcare culminated as the VP of Business Development, where she fine-tuned her expertise in improving customer engagement and achieving customer loyalty. Today, Jodi enjoys independent business ownership and the ability to guide others in maximizing their opportunity for success.


Steven McNabb

Steven McNabb is an Infection Prevention Consultant with over 19 years’ experience in Surface Disinfection, Dispensing, and Dosing Systems.  As the former Vice President of Environmental Services/Disinfection for Medline Industries and Johnson Wax Professional, Steven’s expertise contributes to maximizing the impact that SaniPro NSB achieves. 

Steven’s experience spans multiple sectors which includes, but is not limited to, the Medical Community, the Hotel Industry, the Hospitality Industry, Restaurants, Theme Parks, Corporate Buildings, Retail Stores, Casinos, Residential Properties, and the full spectrum of Education.
Steven’s mastery of Epidemiology includes, but is not limited to, prions, antibiotic-resistant and spore-forming bacteria, non-enveloped/enveloped viruses, fungi and yeast.  His knowledge of EPA Regulations as related to disinfectants registered as pesticides, devices designed for the removal of pathogens, and non-chemical disinfection, contributes to the development and ongoing refinement of SaniPro NSB’s services.

In addition to his role with SaniPro NSB, Steven currently owns and operates Electric Phoenix, LLC and Green Lion Innovations, LLC.

"Disinfecting the World One Business at a Time"

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